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Not on my watch!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Shoddy asbestos practices, shoddy surveys. Our workers are at risk. New Zealand in some respects is leading the charge with new Health and Safety Legislation that is world class.

In other respects, our practices with asbestos are leaving much to be desired. British Occupational Hygiene standards set the bar for decontamination procedures, that sadly lag behind here in New Zealand. For example, why are we still taking asbestos waste out through an air-lock? Best practice say's bag-lock for the waste and air lock for personnel.

Yet, we continue to take the risk.

We recently went to Israel to compare removal practices in a country where controls are Enviro-Centric, as opposed to NZ and UK controls that are Worker-Centric. Sadly, we stopped our search at scaffolding. If there isn't regulation to ensure safety at heights for Israeli workers, then, what hope is there for asbestos control.

But, we are not third world. We are NZ. Change needs to occur here in NZ. PCBU's need to take worker health more seriously. Asbestos Kills.

But not on my watch.

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